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The Captain

Captain Joyce has been a member in Good Standing with ABYC since 1996.

Captain Nolen, AMS is a SAMS Accredited Marine Surveyor, ABYC-Member, Boat/US Tech. Exch., National Fire Protection Association Member and Chapman graduate.

Captain Nolen, AMS  is also a licensed Captain and has taken extensive courses in relations to being a better surveyor. A native Marylander, Captain Nolen has been in the area for many years serving the Upper Chesapeake and beyond.

The mission of Nolen's Marine Surveying is to make Boat purchasing a most satisfying experience while insuring your investment and safety.

“Cap’n Joyce is now an ABYC Certified Technician in both ABYC Standards & ABYC Systems.
As a member of SAMS, there is a 60 credit minimum of Continuing Education Credits for every 5 years after becoming an Accredited Marine Surveyor.
Cap’n Nolen accumulated 102 Credits for the last 5 year window which is well Above & Beyond the required Continuing Education Requirements.  As a former educator herself, she takes continuing education very seriously!  “The marine industry is always revolving and we must revolve with it or get lost in the other guys wake” say Cap’n Joyce.
Cap’n Joyce is now or has mentored 5 associate surveyors of which 2 have achieved AMS status with SAMS.  By sharing her experience and education with fellow surveyors, she feels she is bettering the marine surveying industry and helping to keep the waterfront communities safe.
Cap’n Nolen continues to survey out of two offices; Maryland & Delaware.  Now having over 24 years of experience as a full time marine surveyor, she will take care of your boat surveying and consultation needs.”


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Capt. Joyce Nolen

Capt. Joyce Nolen, AMS,

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