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Pre-Purchase Survey

Pre-Purchase surveys are your best way to confirm your vessel of choice is sound and ready (or not so ready) to cast off! A pre-purchase survey is the most detailed survey of the entire vessel to ensure your investment. THIS is the most comprehensive type of inspection and is strongly advised when purchasing a new or used vessel. Yes-a new vessel should be surveyed as many times factory defects in the laminate layup may be discovered. Condition and the overall operation of the vessel should be examined. This includes such items as structural integrity, out of water inspection, sea trial, electrical, propulsion, fuel, machinery, navigation, misc. on board systems, cosmetic appearance, electronics and overall maintenance.

Time and additional expenses can be saved by preparing the vessel for inspection by making her more accessible.

Arrange to present a clean, shipshape boat, and have all papers and miscellaneous gear ready. If applicable, you will need to make arrangements with the marina to haul the vessel for bottom inspection. 

Key Benefits

  • Full detail report on vessel.
  • Recommendation to alert you to USCG requirements lacking and/or problems
  • Recommendations to enhance the value of your purchase
  • Establishing a maintenance regime.


Please contact Nolen's Marine Surveying to get the up to date prices for this type of survey.


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